Who are we

The best durum wheats and barleys in the whole italian market, have just one brand: Coseme.

Why? Pretty simple: thanks to 50 years of experience, we addressed our research to breed varieties that would fulfill the needs of every branch of the cereals chain, offering products that, amongst their features, have a very high yield as well as a very high quality.

But there's more! The fact that in our area there are countless different microclimates, made it possible for us to breed and test varieties that would suit every kind of farming area.

It's thanks to our successes, perpetrated in time, that today we approach a larger retail market, offering technical seeds to companies that wants to give their customers higher quality products.

Our history and evolution

Founded in 1961 by a small group of farmers, embodiment of the Daunia's agricultural world, Coseme has always had one goal: the improvement of the seeding material.

During the years it always operated on the durum wheat market all over the Italian and foreign cereal areas, certifying the whole production under the INRAN (ex ENSE) control.

To achieve the fixed goal, during the years Coseme has always been provided with leading seed processing equipments, placing itself among the most modern business groups of the Southern Italy.

In order to meet the requirements of the agricultural world, it lavished its commitment to research, equipping itself with a laboratory and innovative facilities, making use of qualified professionals, as well as being connected to the academic research world and to excellent research centers, to make new durum wheat varieties apart from maintaining the purity of the varieties which other constitutors entrusted it with.

In fact, in 1992, the Radioso cultivar has born, and distinguished itself obtaining a considerable success in Italy's center-southern area. But Coseme only considered the Radioso variety as the starting point for its research and development. Indeed, in 1999 Coseme breeded the cultivars named Quadrato, Pietrafitta and Torrebianca, which nowadays still result as the cultivars with the highest quality and productiveness among the ones currently registered in the cultivar registry.

At present this company is run by Martino family who carries on the business commitment. In fact there are more than ten patented varieties of durum wheat, to which some varieties of distichous and polistic barley and oats have to be added.

The company had a huge growth during the latest ten years, being provided with five industrial plants of which three in Foggia, one in Gravina di Puglia for the controlled Cosemefer company and one in Villalba, for a total capacity of warehousing and selection of 80.000 tons a year.

Besides the national territory, Coseme also operates on the durum wheat international market, exporting its products even in Romania, France and Spain.

Durum Wheat

Newly breeded variety from Coseme, excellent in yield and quality, grows well in flat and close to coasts areas.

2011 catalogue

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