Always aware of the agricultural world needs, we became the only breeding company for durum wheat, barley and oats of mid to southern Italy.
Strongly believing in the importance of innovation, we invested in research building, in our main factory, a modern laboratory equipped with machines and well-advanced facilities, and making use of qualified experts like genetists, agronomists, and technicians especially specialized in breeding.
Our investments in research, gives, day by day, better results, making us proud to have the varieties with highest yield and the best quality amongst all the varieties inscribed in the national varieties registry.


Amongst the services dedicated to farmers our selection very important.
The first controls are made in the fields by credited technicians who verify the variety pureness. These controls are then validated by INRAN (ex ENSE) which certifies the purity of the sowed lot.
After harvesting, the seeds are then collected in our factories and processed with our constantly updated equipments.
We are, indeed, equipped with very complex machines for selection and warehousing of up to 80.000 tons of seeds per year, equipment that places us amongst the biggest and modern companies in Europe.


To grant high yields and best quality of seeds, since 10 years we started formation courses for farmers and professionals, in collaboration with many universities and research authorities, aimed to reach the maximum productive and quality standards keeping an eye on the environmental care.
Beside direct teaching, made through interpersonal conversations with the technicians, we organize, with the support of the Ministry of University (MIUR) and the Ministry of Agricultural Politics (MIPAF), formation courses aimed to give the students, the knowledge they need in different branches, from vegetable production agronomics, soil chemistry, molecular genetics and proper business management, training this way professionals highly specialized in every agronomic branch.

Durum Wheat

Newly breeded variety from Coseme, excellent in yield and quality, grows well in flat and close to coasts areas.

2011 catalogue

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