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Durum Wheat

Newly breeded variety from Coseme, excellent in yield and quality, is one of the varieties available on the market with a very high resistance to diseases. Gives it's best in fertile soils in flat and hill areas.

Technical Specifications:

Pedigree: Cappelli x Duilio

Plant's height: 80-84 cm

Plant's colour: Glaucescent

Ear's shape: Piramidal

Ear's colour:Light glumes with black awns

Heading time: Mid early

Diseases resistance: Excellent

Grain's shape: Stretched, amber coloured

1000 seeds weight:: 50-52 grams

Test weight: 80-86 kg/hl

Quality characteristics: Very good for pasta and bread making

Optimal sowing environment: Plain and hill grounds

The grains

Did you know...

The variety Alemanno is been eliged as raw material for the production of Matera's D.O.P. bread. It has also been tested in national and european research projects Agrogen, Watnitmed and Frudusal, financed by MIUR and the European Community, aimed to study the useful genes for durum wheat and the effects of water and nitrogen in the mediterranean areas. Frudusal project is aimed to test the efficiency of fertilization and the effects on health (nutritional profile improvement of semolina)

Stella d'oro

Oat variety, autumn and spring type, for zootechnical use. It shows a very good adaptability to every oat sowing area and is very resistant to lodging. It has an extraordinary yield.

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