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Durum Wheat

Variety with high yield and quality, good for any sowing area. Good for pasta making. Main characteristic of Pietrafitta is the high protein value, a very good gluten index and high test weight.

Technical Specifications:

Pedigree: Creso x Trinakria

Plant's height: 76-90 cm

Plant's colour: Glaucescent

Ear's shape: Parallel edges

Ear's colour:Light glumes with black awns

Heading time: Mid early

Diseases resistance: Excellent

Grain's shape: Stretched, red coloured

1000 seeds weight:: 45-55 grams

Test weight: 78-86 kg/hl

Quality characteristics: Excellent for pasta and bread making

Ambiente di coltivazione: Fertile, deep ground areas

The grains

Did you know...

As reported by the most important world's scientific studies, Quadrato is the variety with highest agronomic stability, capable of good productions in any area. As resulting in national durum wheat screening, is the second variety in Italy for quality. Quadrato is raw material for the production of sicily's D.O.P. bread "Pagnotta del Dittaino".

Durum Wheat

Newly breeded variety from Coseme, excellent in yield and quality, good yellow index, prefers fertile and flat grounds.

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