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Durum Wheat

Variety with high quality, very good yields, grows well in warm areas as well as in fertile and hill areas. Mainly appreciated in mid-south, and especially in Sardinia and Sicily. Very good for pasta making with a gluten index above 80.

Technical Specifications:

Pedigree: Creso x Ofanto

Plant's height: 76-90 cm

Plant's colour: Glaucescent

Ear's shape: Piramidal

Ear's colour:Light glumes with white awns

Heading time: Mid early

Diseases resistance: Good

Grain's shape: Stretched, red coloured

1000 seeds weight:: 40-50 grams

Test weight: 77-86 kg/hl

Quality characteristics: Very good for pasta and bread making

Optimal sowing environment: Dry and unfertile areas

The grains

Did you know...

The variety Vendetta is raw material for the production of sicily's D.O.P. bread "Pagnotta del Dittaino". It's the only variety with the "stay green" effect: the last leaf stays green until a few days before harvesting, feeding the ear and preserving the seeds from strictness.

Durum Wheat

Extremely late variety, good for pasta making, grows better in hill and mountain areas.

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