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Distichous barley variety for zootechnical use, well adapts in any barley sowing area and is resistant to yellow mosaic virus. Good resistance to lodging too.


Technical specifications:

Pedigree: Linea FO4217(FIOR5186 x NATUREL)

Plant height: 80-101 cm

Plant colour: Glaucescent

Sowing period: Autumn

Ear shape: Distichous, 2 ranks

Ear colour: Slightly glaucescent and black awns

Heading time: Mid-Late

Disease resistance: Good

Lodging resistance: Good

1000 seeds weight: 46-52 grams

Alternativity: Not alternative

Optimal sowing environment: Good adaptability to every barley sowing areas.

The grains

Did you know...

Aquirone variety has been tested in a research program for the discovery of biomass coltures, and has very good yields.

Durum Wheat

Extremely late variety, good for pasta making, grows better in hill and mountain areas.

2011 catalogue

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