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Among our primary objectives we want farmers to obtain a production, from the qualitative and quantitative point of view, ideal for the injection in more and more selective and demanding markets, with the purpose of merchandising their own products and getting the highest profit.
In order to reach this goal, we place our technicians, prepared and constantly up-to-dated at disposal, so to offer advices to our customers on cereal cultivations and as well as on fruit and vegetable cultivations, both in fields and in greenhouses.
Our technicians will inform farmers about nutrition, physiopaties and physiopathologies, guiding them to a correct use of fertilizers, amenders, phytosanitary products and agronomic techniques, suggesting the use of products of the sector's well-established firms in the total environmental care.


Our history is at your service also online.
Here you can find many advices not only on cereals but on any kind of cultivation as well.
This section is constantly updated with new advices from our experts on the cultivations related to the period of crops.

Thanks to web support we can provide online technical help by answering your questions concerning any agronomic aspect.
The most interesting and relevant questions will be published in this section afterwards, giving to everybody the chance to find the answers he was looking for.

Durum Wheat

Top level variety in quality, good for dry areas, unfertile soils that usually gives low yield. Main characteristic of Pietrafitta is the high protein value, a very good gluten index and almost red grain colour.

2011 catalogue

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